Addressing the Biggest “Why” in the IT Industry

Software is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet several companies need help finding the right fit that will meet their needs.

Each year, enterprises purchase software for over $300 billion.More than 10% of purchases($30 billion)find their way towards shelfware.

In the United States alone, enterprise owners throw over $12.3 billioninto software that is a misfit for them and can't rely on them.

But WHY?

The biggest contributing factor to shelfware is the need for more parameters for picking the right software. Most companies don't know which software would fit in their setup. They end up trying out different products, only to find out that they are not suitable for their business.

Apart from choosing the wrong software, companies also end up paying more for underperforming software. This money can be put to better use if companies have the right parameters to pick their software.

The significantly high rate of shelfware is a sinking ship for the IT industry. Thankfully, Software Coverage Pages is here to tackle this issue head-on.

Can you also relate to such challenges for your organization? You're not alone; in fact, over 70% of IT projects tend to flounder because of the following:

  • Unclear understanding of requirements
  • Lack of resources with specialized skills
  • Wrong software selection and implementation

The bottom line for all such failures comes down to a lack of effective communication and collaboration with the right vendors.

How Does Software Coverage Help?

We are a modern-age, agile, and unbiased platform that leverages advanced technology and data-driven insights to help enterprises select the right software for their business.

We provide a comprehensive account of features, price comparisons, and user reviews to enable companies to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting software.We also provide in-depth research on pricing models, vendor ratings, customer reviews, as well as customer support options.

Our software coverage page tool also helps companies quickly narrow down their search for the right vendor as per the requirements of their business and budget constraints. We provide detailed analysis of different software products, highlighting their features, customer reviews, pricing models, and more.

Pay-to-work doesn't work here because we've created our funnel of selection that comprises of:

  • Robust requirement analysis and foundational market research
  • Comprehensive research on vendors and customer feedback
  • Free, unbiased comparison of features and pricing
  • Automated shortlisting process to evaluate the best for you
  • Contract management and negotiation
  • Confirmation of the vendor selection

When business owners have the power to make informed decisions, they can save time and money in software selection and get the best return on investment. At Software Coverage Pages, we believe that technology should be driven by user needs and not the other way around.

We provide a comprehensive approach to software selection that focuses on the user experience as much as it does on financial factors. Our team ensures you make the most out of your software investment for the highest ROI.

Software Coverage benefits

Without being too pushy and self-congratulatory, we've been able to provide many companies with the ability to select software with ease. Our software coverage page provides users with a comprehensive guide to understanding the features of different software options available in the market and making an educated decision based on their requirements and budget.

Our list of software categories is exhaustive, with options ranging from Human Resource software to e-commerce and Customer Relationship Management systems. We know that not all companies have the same needs as each other, and that's why we strive to provide personalized solutions tailored to specific needs.

We also offer a range of free resources for companies looking to make informed decisions on their next software purchase. When you're with us, you experience:

1.Exceptional time saving:

  • Our collaborative platform makes communication seamless
  • Robust database to compare and contrast different software
  • Expert advice on the best software for your business needs

2.Long-term cost saving:

  • Subscription-based pricing plans to pay only what you use.
  • Instant access to free resources that can help with budgeting and financial decisions.
  • Access to discounts when available, along with promotions or coupon codes.

3.Top-notch quality improvement:

  • Comprehensive reviews, comparisons, and ratings of software features.
  • Accurate recommendations based on customer feedback.
  • Quality assurance measures to ensure the software you pick meets the highest standards.