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Honoring Business Leaders Behind Revolutionary Software & SaaS Products

These awards recognize people behind the best of the best in software and SaaS products. Our awards programs honor those who are disrupting the way software and technology are used in business and industry. From innovative enterprise solutions to consumer-facing products, our award programs honor those who push the boundaries of what's possible.


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How Our Prestigious Award Programs Work?

We are a big believer in taking a fresh approach towards how businesses and their leaders are celebrated. Our awards program is rigorous and highly selective. We evaluate software companies and products based on the quality of their product, usability, customer service, development process, leadership team & investors.

We believe in the importance of merit-based awards programs that recognize the innovators. We honor innovation, excellence, and game-changing products created by remarkable minds. The team go by their own unbiased rules, including:

  • 1. Pay-to-play doesn't fit our philosophy

    Unlike other awards, we don't take money for nominations. We have a clear and transparent process where the best companies are awarded regardless of their size or budget.

  • 2. Rigorous selection process

    Software Coverage Pages evaluates software companies and products based on the quality of their product, usability, customer service, development process, leadership team & investors before awarding them our prestigious awards

  • 3. Detailed recognition

    When a software is selected to receive one of our awards, we recognize the product and its company with detailed information about the award and the process that led up to it. We make sure each winner has access to collateral they can use to showcase their achievement

  • 4. Multi-dimensional criteria

    We measure the products, companies, and teams based on a range of criteria. These include customer feedback, development process, leadership team & investors. We look for products that are creative and innovative with the potential to revolutionize their categories

How do we top our charts of award programs?

1. Tell us why your software deserves all the spotlight

We love to hear your story. We actively seek out businesses that are pushing the boundaries of software & SaaS products. All companies can submit their applications, and if selected, our expert panel reviews them for consideration.

2. Create your profile to be found and nominated

Software Coverage Pages provides a unique platform for software companies to create their profile. Our team screens all profiles before they are published and searchable by the public. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your software and accomplishments so we can find it and award it accordingly.

Are you ready to take the first step? Let's get started and create a profile now! Tell us about your software below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

What type of software is eligible for awards?

Software & SaaS products in any category are eligible. We consider applications from companies across all industries, such as finance, health care and e-commerce.

How can I apply for a Software Awards nomination?

Simply create a profile on Software Coverage Pages and submit your application. Our expert panel will review it for consideration.

How often are the awards announced?

We announce awards twice a year--once in the summer and once in the winter. Keep an eye out for our announcements for more details.

Who is eligible to receive an award?

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators of software & SaaS products are all eligible to receive awards. Any individual or company can apply for an award.

What criteria do you use to select winners?

We look at a variety of factors such as innovation, impact on the industry, market share, customer feedback, and scalability when deciding who will receive awards. We also consider the quality of submissions and testimonials from industry professionals.